Multiwavelength Milky Way Education Page

mosaic image of portions of separate Milky Way images

Milky Way over ocean horizon

This site presents to you views of the Milky Way galaxy which you can never get just by standing outside and looking up into the night sky.

Although this page is primarily intended for educators, students of all types can learn a lot as well.

From this page, you can access online images of the Milky Way galaxy at ten wavelength regions. You can also access information on several Multiwavelength Milky Way resources (see Product menu to the left). You can examine sections (listed below) relating to this project, either for classroom use or your own personal learning. Within each section, is a short list of activities and lesson plans gathered from the web. A list of external on-line resources is available, along with a growing glossary.

Online images

The Nature of Light
Mapping the Sky
Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

For more technical information, references, and online data access links, please visit the Science Users page.

External Resources

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